The New Mutants - Cast and Character Guide

Soon to hit ODEON screens, Marvel’s first dip into horror – and finale to the iconic X-Men saga – sees five gifted young mutants trapped in a terrifying research facility.

Facing devious tests on their powers, the teens hatch a plan to bunk this boarding-school-from-hell – but it’ll take all their talents to survive.

Let's meet the class of 2020...


Who is Anya Taylor-Joy?

If Anya Taylor-Joy looks familiar, that’s because you’ve watched her between your fingers in 2015’s folk-horror The Witch and 2016’s nail-gnawing Split.

Her title role in this year’s period drama Emma showed her dramatic range, but for The New Mutants, she’s all about the corpses, not the corsets.

“I just follow my characters,” she reasons, “and they tend to reside in very dark places.”

Who is Magik?

First appearing in Marvel’s 1975 comic-book Giant-Size X-Men, Illyana is a teleporting Russian sorceress who’s proud of her bodycount. “I killed 18 men,” she smiles in a group therapy session. “One by one.”

“She's pretty spiky. She likes to keep herself to herself, unless she's causing trouble in some way…” Anya Taylor-Joy


Who is Blu Hunt?

It takes a bold director to cast a 24-year-old unknown as a franchise-movie lead. But that’s how good Blu Hunt is.

The Native American newcomer picked up a cult following for her small role on spooky TV show The Originals – but a star is born in The New Mutants.

Who is Mirage?

In the comic books, Dani Moonstar is a Native American psychic with the ability to bring an enemy’s fears and desires to life. There’s also a fan theory that – like Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix – Dani will be unable to control her powers and turn on the team.

“My character is a really good depiction of what it’s like to be a young Native girl now...” Blu Hunt


Who is Maisie Williams?

Even with the demonic contact lenses, there’s no mistaking Maisie Williams.

The 22-year-old Bristolian became an overnight fantasy icon as Game Of Thrones’ feisty Arya Stark, and her turn in The New Mutants follows on from her first cinema forays in Early Man and Then Came You.

Who is Wolfsbane?

A God-fearing Scot who can’t control her transmogrification into a ravenous wolf, Rahne is still struggling with the scars of abuse by her childhood pastor, the shame of being a mutant and the guilt of accidentally killing a churchful of parishioners.

“I think she feels quite repressed and very ashamed… she has that tug-of-war inside about her religious upbringing and her new life.” Maisie Williams


Who is Charlie Heaton?

Leeds-born Charlie Heaton is most famous for playing Jonathan Byers in Netflix's teen sci-fi phenomenon, Stranger Things. Four years ago, he owned the big-screen as a teen wrestling with his sexuality in the Sundance award-winning As You Are.

Who is Cannonball?

This blue-collar, Kentucky-born mutant has known tragedy in his childhood, accidentally causing the mine collapse that killed his father. Now, his brutal ability to summon a forcefield, and launch himself at attackers at supersonic speed, could be the New Mutants’ ticket out of here.

“I feel there's a lot of resentment about his power – he has his own way of dealing with his past.” Charlie Heaton


Who is Henry Zaga?

Owning the small-screen as dreamboat werewolf Josh Diaz in Teen Wolf, Zaga is chalked to appear in Stephen King’s upcoming apocalyptic TV mini-series, The Stand.

But most likely, The New Mutants is the first time you’ve enjoyed him with popcorn.

Who is Sunspot?

Handsome, spoilt and vain, Roberto Da Costa was the idling son of a billionaire Brazilian businessman – until he discovered his unique ability to absorb and channel sunlight, to tragic effect.

But if you’re trying to bust out of a nightmarish house of horrors, a guy who can juggle white-hot orbs of solar energy is good to have on your team.

“The movie-makers told me there was a Brazilian superhero, and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ I immediately ordered all the comics.” Henry Zaga