IMAX VR Waiver



This document contains important information you need to be aware of before participating in an IMAX VR Experience at ODEON. Please read it carefully. If you are below the age of 18, you must ask your parent or guardian to read and complete this document on your behalf.



The IMAX VR Experience is a virtual reality experience undertaken in a purpose-built room known as a “pod”. Taking part will require you to wear a headset that completely blocks your view of your actual surroundings. Some experiences require use of a handheld device. Some experiences are seated and require you to remain seated throughout the experience.

Many of the experiences are multi-player. If other members of the public participate in the same experience as you, they may be in the same pod, or in another pod elsewhere. Members of staff supervise the pods and can see the same screen that you will be viewing, which means they can see the activity of all the “virtual” participants in the experience.



IMAX VR Experiences at ODEON are only available to people aged 13 or above, and some experiences may have a higher age rating.

Select an experience which has the right age rating for you. Proof of age with photographic ID may be required.



IMAX VR Experiences are highly immersive and can feel extremely realistic at times. They may cause you to experience intense emotions and sensations. Each experience has advisory information provided by IMAX. This includes:

• Content advisory – giving information about elements of the experience that could be offensive or inappropriate for some guests (e.g. bad language, adult humour, violence, etc).

• VR experience advisory – giving information about elements of the experience that could be stressful or unpleasant for some guests (e.g. extreme heights, jump scares, etc).

Read the advisory information carefully before selecting an experience.



Below is a list of potential issues which may arise as a result of participating in an IMAX VR Experience. Read the list carefully. Think about how these issues could affect you before deciding to proceed.

• Use of the headset may cause eye strain.

• Extensive or excess high noise levels may harm hearing.

• Screens may flicker and / or there may be flashing images which may trigger underlying health conditions.

• Use of the headset may induce feelings of motion sickness.

• Use of the technology may interfere with some medical devices (e.g. cardiac pacemaker). Users of medical devices should consult with their doctor or device provider.

• The technology and some content may not be suitable for those with pre-existing medical or mental health conditions.

• Content and particularly levels of activity may not be suitable during pregnancy.

• Use of the technology and content may induce feelings of claustrophobia, other phobias or panic.

• Objects in the real world may not be visible in the virtual world.

• Objects in the virtual world may not exist in the real world.

• Feelings of disorientation may be felt at the end of the experience.

• Repeated use may exaggerate the effects above.


If you have any health & safety questions or concerns before, during or after your IMAX VR Experience at ODEON, inform a member of staff straightaway. We recommend that you do not participate in an IMAX VR Experience if you are tired, feel unwell, need sleep, are under the influence of alcohol/drugs, are hung-over, are in pain, or feel stressed or anxious, as these factors can increase your risk of potential issues.



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