Online Booking Fee

We charge you a fee for booking your ticket online. Here’s how it works:

How much is the fee?

When you book a ticket online, the ticket price you see includes the online booking fee of 75p per ticket. If you book an Adult and Child ticket, the 75p online booking fee applies to each person in the bundle.

Do you have a voucher?

If you book online using a voucher, please check the voucher terms to see if the voucher includes the online booking fee. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to pay the online booking fee to use the voucher online.

Are you a Limitless member?

There’s no online booking fee when you book your own ticket online with your Limitless card. If you’re booking for friends and family, each extra ticket will be charged the 75p online booking fee.

Are you using Meerkat Movies 2 for 1?

There’s no online booking fee for the free second ticket, however the online booking fee will be charged on the ticket that you pay for.

Do you have an ODEON gift card?

The online booking fee will be charged on any tickets bought online using a gift card.

Don’t want to pay an online booking fee?

There’s no online booking fee if you book your ticket in person at the cinema.