Exclusive preview screenings with a twist!

You book in advance but you don't know what film you're about to see until the curtains go up.

ODEON Screen Unseen could be anything!


  • They're all guaranteed to be advance previews - so you'll be one of the very first to see the releases.
  • They're all guaranteed to be films we believe are 5 Star future classics.
  • They will never be a horror film. Check out Screen Unseen's spooky sister ODEON Scream Unseen for your horror fix.
  • And they're all guaranteed to inspire conversation.


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Tickets are just £5 in cinema or £5.75 online*

*Price for single standard 2D tickets for screenings are £5 (if booked in cinema) or £5.75 (if booked online). The online price includes a booking fee of 75p per ticket. 

No, but if you want a hint we release clues and hints on Twitter @ODEONCinemas and Facebook.

  • ODEON Screen Unseen is an over 15s event so we give it that rating, but we could show anything from a U to 15.
  • We won't tell you the run time, but you can expect it to last between 90 and 180 minutes.
  • There will be a short pre feature reel lasting around 5 minutes, so please be in your seats at the advertised time so you don't miss the start of the film.

Register your interest and we'll email you about future Screen Unseen's

Previous ODEON Screen Unseen Titles

Can you match the clues to the film?

1. The Big Short

2. Everybody Wants Some!!

3. Inside Out

4. Room

5. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

6. Midnight Special

Highlight for answers:

1.C, 2. D, 3.F, 4.B, 5. A, 6.E

A) An Italian Demise

Mum and Dad met at Great Smoky

A Gleeful award winner

Another Green World


B) Across the states from the bottom to the top

Batman prefers the cheddar

Rob zero pike

Enlightenment, here, doesn't equal colour


C) There's a change to the usual line-up here

The man behind it all just about guarantees OSCAR nominations.

Kick started Riggan's rebirth

6 OSCAR nominations and 2 wins between the headliners


D) Doors were opened for an OSCAR worthy catchphrase

Sounds like the opposite to Leon's golden rule 

Shares a space with Michael Bolton

The second coming from the visionary and one of Gotham's brokers


E) Look out for the 2nd time Nicole seduced Tom. 

This king was born in Deepest Lincolnshire 

One of 2015's best characters united with his grandaddy's step-brother.

They were hard to find in 2011


F) A workplace like no other

Mum's the word in the city of Sheffield

For the cinema is dark, but there is no Terror

Listen beyond Channing, George and Star-Lord this time

What do you think about ODEON Screen Unseen?

Horror Fan? Try ODEON Scream Unseen

Screen Unseen's terrifying little sister...

ODEON Scream Unseen offers an exclusive screening with a twist!

Just like Screen Unseen, you book in advance not knowing what you’re watching until it starts – but this time, not only will you be the first cinema audience to see it, we aim to scare your socks off! 


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Sorry, this performance is only available at the box office.

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This is an Audio Described Performance: This performance is Audio Described for the visually impaired via headphones available from the Box Office.
This is a Limitless Screening Performance: This performance is exclusive to ODEON Limitless members. If you’re not a member yet, join now.
This is a Subtitled Performance: Displays subtitles on screen to benefit guests who may be hard of hearing.
Important - this performance is in the early hours of the date shown. E.g Tues 00:15 would be first showing, early hours of Tuesday morning/late night Monday. Find out more
Note - Please note this is an early morning AM performance for the date listed, not an afternoon/evening PM performance. Find out more