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Does ODEON have E-tickets?

E-Tickets are currently available at ODEON Metrocentre only.

Which cinemas have e-tickets?

E-tickets are currently available at ODEON Metrocentre only.

Where can I book my tickets using a Limitless membership?

You can book your tickets in cinema, on our website or via the ODEON app. You can’t book using our ticket machines at the moment.

Can I earn ODEON Points on tickets and retail purchased by friends and family?

It is only possible to earn ODEON Points on family or friends ticket and/or retail purchases if you are making payment for them.

I have purchased tickets online using my Limitless membership, do I need to pay an Online Booking Fee?

There will be no online booking fees if you book your own ticket using your Limitless card. However if you book additional tickets for friends and family, each additional ticket will be charged an online booking fee of 75p per ticket. (Please note that a family ticket is a bundle of 3 or 4 tickets and the ticket price for a family ticket includes an online booking fee of 75p per person in the bundle).

How many tickets can I book at once with a Limitless membership?

You can book tickets to see as many screenings as you like on the day you are booking. You can also book tickets for two future screenings. Your bookings can’t overlap - after all, you can’t be in two places at once!

How do E-Tickets work if there is more than 1 person in the booking?

There is only one E-Ticket per booking, and each E-Ticket can only be scanned once. So if your online booking was for more than 1 person, and some members of your party do not intend to come to the cinema together, you will need to collect the individual tickets at the cinema from the FTM or Box Office using the credit/debit card you paid with and your booking reference, as normal. This applies to family tickets, which are a bundle of individual tickets.

Can I book tickets in advance with a Limitless membership?

Yes, as soon as a ticket is available to be booked you can use your Limitless membership to reserve your ticket. If you have paid for your membership upfront, you can’t book tickets for a date after the end of your paid for membership period.

How do I find the price of tickets at my local ODEON?

Just click the ‘Cinemas’ tab at the top of our homepage and select your nearest ODEON. Ticket prices. Film times. Special screenings. You’ll find everything you need to know about your cinema here – in one easy place.

I have purchased tickets online using a gift card, do I need to pay an Online Booking Fee?

Yes. The online booking fee will be charged on any tickets bought online using a gift card. 

Why can I not see my ODEON Points straight after I have brought my tickets and/or retail?

It takes our system a little time to reflect these changes in your points balance.

Points earned from ticket purchases are credited to your account within 24 hours of the performance. Points earned from other transactions are credited to your account within 24 hours of the transaction.

In circumstances of system failure, we may be temporarily unable to award Points and your account balance may be incorrect or out of date.

I have a disability. Is there anything I should know about booking tickets?

We believe everyone should have access to the magical film experience. So we’re committed to providing the facilities, equipment and processes needed to welcome disabled guests at our cinemas. For the most part, booking your tickets will be as normal, but below are a couple of small yet important differences to look out for.

If you’re booking for yourself or a small group and need a wheelchair space, first check your film is showing in a wheelchair accessible screen. If it is, then the rest is easy! Just click the wheelchair accessible option on the left, pick the number and type of tickets you want, and get set to be whisked away to another world.

As a member of the CEA Card scheme, we offer free tickets for carers. 


How do I use my CEA Card to book tickets on line?

To use a CEA Card you must first register a free account with us on our ODEON website. Once registered and logged in, under 'My ODEON' then 'My details and Preferences' scroll down to Accessilbilty and there will be an entry box for your CEA Crad number. Enter your card number and then click the appropiate save button underneath. From then on you will be able to book a carer ticket for any performance in any seating as long as you are logged in and your CEA card is in date.


Can I purchase a Premier, Gallery, 3D, IMAX, iSENSE, Event Cinema tickets using my ODEON Points?

You can purchase Premier, Gallery, 3D and IMAX tickets using your ODEON Points, select here to find out how many ODEON Points you need. Note some exclusions may apply including Event Cinema, charity and other special events.

Can ODEON Points be awarded to corporate buyers such as bulk tickets, fixed fees and corporate screenings?

The ODEON Première Club is not available for corporate buyers, it is for personal use only.

I have purchased tickets online using my ODEON Première Club points, do I need to pay an Online Booking Fee?

No. There will be no online booking fees for for tickets purchased online using ODEON Première Club Points.

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This is a Subtitled Performance: Displays subtitles on screen to benefit guests who may be hard of hearing.
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